Safeguarding Your Assets and Yourself for the Web3 Future with CYVO

Republic of Seychelles, 26th January 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Upcoming blockchain project CYVO is gearing up to change the face of data and web3 security after a harsh year of various highs and lows in the crypto community. From an all-time high market cap worth $2800 billion in 2021 down to $900 billion today, the market has shown intense volatility and unpredictability. In fact, one of the key things that made headlines throughout the past year was the significant amount of security breaches that occurred. Global giants like Twitter, Shein, Uber, Microsoft, Ronin Network, and CashApp all fell prey to various data security breaches that exposed millions of users’ private information to the nefarious dark web data resellers who sold it for profit.

On the web3 front, an area of concern was the security of blockchain bridges, which are used to connect different blockchain networks. Several popular bridges, including Ronin, BNB Bridge, Wormhole, and Nomad, were all hacked, resulting in losses of almost $2 billion. The need for these bridges is clear, as they allow for the transfer of value and information between different blockchains but creating secure, trustless bridges still remains a major challenge for developers and companies alike. Security breaches not only affect the privacy concerns of users but also largely impact organizations in a financial sense. The IBM Cost Per Breach Report for 2022 stated, that global organizations spend an average of $4.35 Million in recuperating and fixing the losses incurred through security breaches. Shockingly this seems to be the only figure that keeps growing year after year as organizations are still lagging in implementing security measures to keep data and information safe.

Introducing the future of blockchain security

With privacy and data protection being more important than ever, both non-crypto and crypto communities alike are actively looking for solutions to maintain their security for the upcoming Web3 future. This is where CYVO, an emerging new face in the blockchain security field, is actively building an ecosystem that prioritizes blockchain, post-quantum encryption, and the data security of its users.  With “Always on Guard” as its motto and vision, CYVO is creating a series of solutions that fit seamlessly together to provide its users with unparalleled security and data privacy.  CYVO’s solutions are designed to be accessible to all participants of the web3 world, whether they are individuals, retail users, or institutions, and provide them with an Ultra Secure, Easy to Use, fail-proof and untraceable user experience.

The CYVO product suite includes an ‘Ultra-secure CYVO OS’ fitted with a customized office suite & Secure VPN, CYVO Browser, with tracker blockers and protection from browser fingerprinting, The Next Generation Quantum Encrypted Digital Wallet’ with revolutionary communication channels, and the decentralized ‘CYVO Stealth Storage’.

Regarding the core products, CEO Ann Frank stated that “As we transition from a web2 world to web3 and blockchain-powered experiences, the question of how users or participants stay secure and protect their data is highly important. At CYVO we believe that giving users the necessary tools to secure themselves while promoting decentralization is the core of Web3 and unlike many players in the market we are committed to developing solutions that are genuinely effective for people, organizations, and institutions alike”. When elaborating on the product suite she further mentioned, “The first two products that CYVO will launch are the Ultra-Secure OS and Secure Web Browser towards the end of Q1 in 2023 which will be the perfect first offering for the CYVO ecosystem as they will be the key products needed for users to navigate the changing web3 space.”

A Closer Look at the CYVO Products

Irrespective of the current bear market CYVO has managed to continually build and develop its products and has aligned itself to launch the first set of solutions as per its technical roadmap. The first two products officially launching will be the Ultra Secure OS and the CYVO Secure Web Browser.

Far from the existing operating systems in the market, the CYVO Ultra-Secure OS is designed with the users’ privacy in mind, with custom-configured software built using blockchain & post-quantum encryption that includes all the commonly used apps like documents, spreadsheets etc.  Additionally, it also has inbuilt protection by way of multi-factor authentication, utilization of TOR networks, and resistance to pattern sniffing intrusion tactics.

CYVO’s Browser is one of the safest browsers in the market – as a free, open-source web browser, it ensures that privacy is key. The browser automatically blocks online advertisements, and website trackers and protects from browser fingerprinting.

Another product to CYVO’s impressive lineup is a Digital Asset Wallet, equipped with multi-tier LUKS encryption, with a multitude of custody features designed to provide a simple and intuitive user experience.

And finally, the last product that is currently in the development stage is the CYVO Stealth Storage which is ultra-secure, fail-proof, unhackable & untraceable storage, designed to keep you in control of your data.

What’s Next in Store?

As the crypto winter thaws out, CYVO will be forging ahead with a mission to build during this bear market.  With the core products set to launch in 2023, the ecosystem will be continually developing its community, educating users on the importance of blockchain security and establishing its utility token. The CYVO token serves as the key asset that powers the CYVO solutions and is built based on a circular economy, where users will be able to purchase the ecosystem’s products with the tokens and also earn them while utilizing the solutions. So, while others try to recuperate, CYVO will be growing to create a more accessible web3 future where users have sole ownership over their data.

About CYVO

CYVO’s Ultra-Secure Digital Assets are for discerning users who value their privacy and data security.

With post-quantum encryption & blockchain cyber security; CYVO is always on guard with innovative security products like the Ultra Secure OS, Digital Asset Wallet, Web Browser & Decentralized Storage. To learn more about the solutions, visit

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