Outdoor curtains for balconies, verandahs and patios

Brescia, Italy, 9th February 2021, ZEXPRWIREOutdoor curtains are very useful for shielding terraces, balconies, very exposed windows or gardens.

Choosing them well means knowing what material their structure is made of, which must be resistant, and what material is used for their covering, which must be able to stop the sun’s rays. In this article, everything you need to know to buy the awnings suited to your needs.

Tende da sole are useful for creating shaded, cool and pleasant areas and to take advantage of the outdoor space of our home even in the hottest summers: terraces, balconies, and gardens thus become places to enjoy to relax and have fun even in the hottest hours of the day.

In addition to protecting from the hottest rays, they can also be a decorative element of a building’s facade. It is therefore necessary to choose them on the basis of various criteria and for this reason it is necessary to know what are the characteristics of the awnings that are on the market.

Functions of Awnings

Awnings can perform several functions:

Repair an area or window (and the consequent internal environment) frequently exposed to the sun, from the rays and heat of the sun in the summer repair the external area of a house from prying eyes decorate the facade of a building create a usable environment outside a house, even in summer limit electricity consumption, as the protection of windows by awnings causes less heat to penetrate inside the houses: in this way, both air conditioners and fans will be used less.

In Which Areas to Install Them

The external elements where an awning can find the right place are:

  • Balconies
  • Terraces
  • Flat roofs
  • Gardens
  • Facades with windows or glazing

Obviously, for the conditions for the installation of an awning to exist, the environment to be covered with the awning must be frequently exposed to the sun, particularly in summer.

Canvas: Which Material To Choose

Type of fabric

First of all, the first criterion for choosing an tende balcone is the type of fabric to buy for the fabric, the main element of the awning. To choose this element, several factors must be taken into account.

The fabrics for awnings can be natural, such as cotton. However, these materials are subject to tearing, mold and aging caused by sun, wind and pollution, as well as discoloration due to sun exposure. If you choose instead the 100% acrylic fibers, you can rest assured: these fabrics are resistant, they are not subject to tearing, they are not subject to fading as they undergo a special full-body dyeing; furthermore, the acrylic fibers are subjected to treatments with resins and Teflon which give them compactness and water-oil-repellent capacity. As an alternative to acrylic again, you can choose PVC, with similar properties.

Tenda Da Sole – Shopcentroscanpoli

The curtain must, first of all, protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun and the protection factor of a curtain varies according to some characteristics of the fabric:

Fiber composition

that depending on how they are structured, they have a different ability to absorb and therefore not to transmit UV rays; synthetic fibers are the best in this respect


as darker colors provide a more resistant barrier not only to light but also to harmful rays, compared to lighter colors; the disadvantage of dark colors, however, is that they attract a lot of heat


as a dense and compact weave is much more effective than a light weave in retaining UV radiation

Water resistance

The second criterion for choosing an tende portico fabric is water resistance, because the awning could be exposed to rain, hail or snow.

Tear resistance

The third criterion is the resistance to tearing, which can occur during the movement of the curtain.


Finally, the fourth criterion for choosing the fabric for the awnings is aesthetics: shapes and colors and patterns must be compatible with the general appearance not only of the external part of the apartment but of the whole building if you live in an apartment building.

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