Ninja Fantasy Trader is ready to release its First Presale Phase of Samurais

Miami, FL, 3 March 2022, PROLEO, Ninja Fantasy Trader introduces itself as the first financial NFT game operating under the P2E mechanism. This play-to-earn trading game, functioning across the metaverse, is a state-of-the-art solution in implementing competitive real-time trading across a gaming system. As Ninja Fantasy Trader makes a strong entrance into the digital market, it is set for the first presale phase of NFTs.

CEO Ariel Eduardo Morales, based in the capital of the American crypto industry — Miami, Florida, is excited to bring a product to market that won’t just be another crypto. Ninja Fantasy Trader aims to be a leading metaverse and GameFi platform to bring a new and better user experience for gamers and traders. It will also open up a world of possibilities for beginners.

To understand why Ninja Fantasy Trader is a diverse and progressive solution within this existing digital fraternity, it is important to look into how it took the initiative of the current digital market trends and developed an ideal platform based on these present market factors. Blockchain technology has been dominating the digital financial system and has grabbed the attention of hundreds of thousands of users across the world of cryptocurrency and DeFi. With new traders joining the market with an inexperienced portfolio, they are not the perfect strategists who work through the perfect trading strategies.

Ninja Fantasy Trader targets another grossing market trend of NFTs with its progressive build. With $7 million sales across NFT marketplaces alone, there is growth due across the NFT trend. Joining this with gaming, blockchain technology has presented the perfect P2E mechanism for the gaming community and attracted millions of users into this digital world.

This is where Ninja Fantasy Trader introduces its play-to-earn game with the competitive trading system, working with real data from the live markets. As it joins the real and virtual world through its metaverse, Traderland, the project combines the three different domains of the digital world to present the first financial NFT trading game.

Gameplay will feature an in-game cryptocurrency, Ninja Token Coffee ($NTC), a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain. The in-game characters are ninjas inspired by the world-famous Japanese Samurai warriors. Since they are traders, they are called NFTraders. You need to hold at least one ninja to play in the game.

The following explanation displays the project’s gameplay for a better understanding of how the platform would operate.

Individual Game Play

The player chooses crypto, stocks, forex, or commodities, and they trade for unlimited time. As their portfolio grows, they can close out their trade and win real crypto in the form of $NTC tokens.

Tournament Play

The game is the same, with the difference that many participants can join. The total winnings will grow based on how many players enter, multiplied by the stakes to enter. These are ranked tournaments based on the success of each participant. The top-ranking positions win tokens and NFTs.

Battle Mode

In battle mode, players go one-on-one against an opponent. This is where the highest risk and reward trades exist. Players go head-to-head and wager more NTC tokens than in other games. The winner takes all, and the loser will lose their crypto. Trades last 10 minutes, and the winning portfolio is the winner.

The Marketplace

The other aspect of the game is a metaverse marketplace where real-world digital money is exchanged. In this marketplace, you can:

  • Buy and sell NFTraders
  • Buy upgrades for NFTraders (which allow them to earn more NTC on successful trades)
  • Buy and sell buildings in Traderland
  • Rent out offices in Traderland

Ninja Fantasy Trader is set to introduce its first 3000 Samurais in the first presale phase of NFTs. These Samurais are the essential tool for entering into the digital verse of Ninja Fantasy Trader. Out of the 10,144 rarest Samurais, the first presale would be quite special and profitable for the traders who are successful in buying their favorite NFT.

About Ninja Fantasy Trader

Ninja Fantasy Trader is all set to become the world’s first financial NFT Game that features a metaverse offering unique gaming features to people. The project intends to provide traders with a haven, known as NFT-Companies, to structure their personal companies across the metaverse through NFTraders. This would be implemented and practically utilized across the project’s metaverse, Traderland. Ninja Fantasy Trader has great potential and believes in improving the prevailing P2E structure positively.

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