Minority owned firm tackling climate change

Climate change is a long-term shift in the average weather conditions that characteristically prevail in a place. Climate change could refer to a particular location or the planet as a whole and has already been observed worldwide, including shifts in average temperatures, precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and ice cover.

United States, 24th Dec 2022 – How can we address climate change with real estate? Derson Real Estate Group (DREG) Inc provides the answer to that.

There’s no doubt that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet today. And while many people and organizations are working to combat it, there’s still a lot of work to be done. 

DREG is a minority-owned Real Estate Development and Investment firm using its expertise in the real estate industry to put sustainability at the forefront of development through the expansion of energy-efficient buildings and investment in renewable energy projects.

What is climate change?

Climate change is a long-term shift in the average weather conditions that characteristically prevail in a place. Climate change could refer to a particular location or the planet as a whole and has already been observed worldwide, including shifts in average temperatures, precipitation patterns, rising sea levels, and ice cover. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) projects these changes will continue and even accelerate in the coming decades, posing serious risks to human health, economies, and natural systems.

How is this minority-owned firm tackling climate change?

As climate change’s effects become more prevalent, businesses need to find ways to minimize their impact on the environment. This minority-owned firm is playing a key role in combating climate change by taking proactive steps by investing in real estate development that is sustainable and eco-friendly. DREG has pledged to develop net-zero projects. This means that any new or retrofitting development projects will be up to net-zero standards. In order to make this happen, the company has assembled a talented management team who are committed to seeing these types of projects through. 

The team has completed over 1,000 energy efficiency retrofits, resulting in an estimated reduction of 2,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually. The team has also installed solar panels on over 100 rooftops, generating enough clean energy to offset the equivalent of 1.5 million car miles traveled yearly.

This firm is committed to developing properties that use sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems. Additionally, DREG invests in energy efficiency upgrades and renewable energy projects for commercial, residential, and industrial properties with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in mind.  

LEED projects certify green buildings by using various ratings to support sustainable development such as the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings. DREG’s team is constantly working to improve building designs and materials used in construction. They are also working with other entities through strategic partnerships to promote green initiatives that will help reduce the overall carbon footprint of their operations.

The firm’s efforts are making a meaningful impact in the fight against climate change while promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the real estate industry – two important goals that we can all get behind.

Why are real estate development and investment a good way to combat climate change?

There are many reasons why real estate development and investment is a good way to combat climate change. For one, the construction sector is responsible for a significant portion of global greenhouse gas emissions. The World Economic Forum notes the global construction sector accounts for 38% of total global emissions. “By investing in real estate development, we can help reduce these emissions and make a positive impact on the environment. In addition, real estate development and investment can also help create jobs and boost the economy; thus, it is especially important in today’s uncertain economic climate”, says DREG CEO, Derson Petit-Homme.


The firm’s work is helping to improve the quality of life for minority residents while also promoting sustainable practices that will benefit future generations. We hope other businesses will follow suit and help make a difference in the fight against climate change.

As a company, DREG is committed to becoming more sustainable and minimizing our environmental impact. The firm’s management team reflects this effort through its commitment to pursuing net-zero development projects.

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