Maintain a Healthy Underwater Environment with the Jet Stream Lake Muck Blower

Excelsior, Minnesota, United States, 18th Feb 2023, King NewsWire – If you have a pond, lake, or other large natural water body on your property, you probably know a thing or two about muck. Muck is not only foul and unattractive but can also be quite difficult to remove. Traditional methods of removing muck can be ineffective, labor-intensive, and even impractical. This is where the Jet Stream aqua sweep muck blaster from Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration comes in. This easy-to-use tool will make getting rid of lake muck a breeze! 

Why Should You Get Rid of Muck? 

Many people wonder why it is important to get rid of the muck. After all, isn’t the accumulation of muck a natural process? Why get rid of it? There are several reasons for doing so. Have you ever encountered a pond with foul-smelling water? This is a result of muck that has been allowed to accumulate in the pond. Muck consists of organic substances such as plants, dead fish, dead leaves, grass clippings, and more. When these collect and begin to decompose, they form a thick and smelly mass. 

Muck is not only bad smelling but also affects the environment in the pond. The decomposition by bacteria uses up much-needed dissolved oxygen in the water. This can suffocate life forms such as fish in the water. Muck also forms a shelter for dangerous and unwanted pests such as leeches. The decomposing organic matter releases hydrogen sulfide which not only smells bad but also affects conditions in the water that can kill fish and other organisms. 

How the JetStream Can Help Maintain a Healthy Aquatic Environment 

The JetStream from Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration is a lake muck blower that creates a powerful current to blow muck away. The JetStream can be remote controlled and comes with a 100-foot power cable. It features a lightweight, marine-grade aluminum mounting stake for easy mounting and mobility.

The muck blower will make getting rid of muck a lot easier. Simply install the muck blower in your pond or lake and use your remote to turn it on whenever you need to clean the pond, rotating or moving it when necessary. The muck blower pushes the drifting debris onto the beach for easy removal, or out to the depths, where it disappears. You can easily get rid of debris such as weeds, algae, driftwood, and other garbage that has been collected in your pond with very little effort. 

The muck blower can be detached and carried to help you target specific debris like – almost like an underwater power washer – or mounted and left alone to gradually aerate and clean the entire pond or waterbody on its own.  The JetStream agitates the water to create a current, making for a water feature that provides the soothing sound of running water and simultaneously helps to dissolve oxygen-rich air into the water. The current circulates water to improve the distribution of oxygen to the deeper parts of the pond, as well, and also helps to release accumulated noxious gasses from deeper areas. 

Want to remove muck, maintain a healthy aquatic environment for fish, and create a clean space for your activities simultaneously? Invest In the JetStream from Admiral Lake and Pond Restoration. Visit our website to learn more about our muck remover and other pond maintenance items we manufacture. 

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