Liquidity Rebalancing

Dubai, UAE, 9th December 2023, Liquidity rebalancing in crypto refers to changing the ratio of crypto assets. Such changes might be necessary for several reasons. For example, traders may end up with assets they do not want to store for a long time, or a cross-chain bridge’s multi-chain pool might become unbalanced, struggling to keep up a seamless operation. In both cases, liquidity rebalancing can help return the proper ratio of assets, thus stabilizing the system. 

Personal Portfolio Rebalancing

Periodically, it is important to review and adjust the allocation of your crypto investments to maintain the asset ratio that supports your chosen investing strategy. It can be risky to have too much of your portfolio invested in one cryptocurrency, especially if its value has increased significantly. Rebalancing by selling some of the cryptocurrency and investing in others can help you minimize risk and maximize returns over the long term.

Since the crypto market is highly volatile, and portfolio rebalancing may be required more frequently than expected, crypto owners can benefit from using bots to manage the rebalancing process more efficiently.

There are different methods for rebalancing your investment portfolio, each with advantages and disadvantages. The most popular methods are Threshold Portfolio Rebalancing, Constant Proportion Portfolio Insurance (CPPI), and Periodic Crypto Rebalancing.

Rebalancing in Arbitrage and Market-making

Rebalancing is a crucial part of arbitrage trading and market-making. During a trading session, the balance of assets constantly changes. Depending on a chosen arbitrage strategy, a trader buys and sells crypto assets to fix profits and balance assets across networks following the used strategy or emerging profit opportunity. For that, traders use various exchange platforms to trade assets, including CEXes, DEXes, platforms allowing P2P trading, etc., making sure that rebalancing does not swallow a significant portion of profits. 

The process of liquidity rebalancing for market-making is similar in principle. Some market makers and traders prefer manual rebalancing, while others use software to speed up the process and maximize profits.

Rebalancing of Liquidity Pools

Another area where liquidity rebalancing is essential is in liquidity pools used by decentralized exchanges (DEXes), cross-chain bridges, lending protocols, etc. Constant trading challenges the pool’s balance, sometimes leading to liquidity imbalances, especially when there is too much one-sided demand for a particular asset. Such pools are often optimized automatically using formulas that each project creates. 


Liquidity rebalancing is crucial for efficient markets and preventing disruptions. It is vital for maintaining healthy DeFi markets and ensuring portfolio sustainability.

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