Jigsaw Introduces Blockchain Plugins for Social Housing Decant Solutions, Leveraging the SHED Framewor

Jigsaw Conferences Ltd, a leading provider of emergency accommodation solutions, is revolutionizing the social housing sector by incorporating blockchain plugins into their offerings. Inspired by the recent success of the Social Housing Emerging Disruptors (SHED) framework, Jigsaw aims to align their services with the innovative and forward-thinking approach of the framework. By leveraging the capabilities of blockchain technology, Jigsaw is poised to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and security of social housing decant solutions. Drawing insights from the article “18 innovative suppliers appointed to £100m social housing ‘disruptors’ framework,” Jigsaw is well-positioned to pitch their services as an ideal fit for the SHED framework.

Leveraging Blockchain for Social Housing Decant Solutions:

In line with the SHED framework’s vision to enable social landlords to procure innovative services and technologies, Jigsaw is incorporating blockchain plugins into their emergency accommodation offerings. Blockchain technology, known for its decentralized and immutable nature, offers immense potential for revolutionizing various industries, including social housing.

The integration of blockchain into Jigsaw’s emergency accommodation solutions brings several benefits to the social housing decant process. Firstly, blockchain enhances data security and privacy, safeguarding sensitive information related to tenants and accommodation placements. Through cryptographic algorithms and distributed ledger technology, blockchain ensures tamper-proof records and protects against unauthorized access.

Secondly, blockchain facilitates transparent and auditable transactions, enabling seamless tracking of accommodation placements and associated costs. This transparency enhances accountability and trust among stakeholders, including social landlords, housing providers, and local authorities, streamlining the decant process and minimizing administrative burdens.

Furthermore, blockchain’s smart contract functionality automates key aspects of the accommodation placement process. Smart contracts are self-executing agreements that automatically trigger actions based on predefined conditions. By implementing smart contracts, Jigsaw can streamline the workflow, automate payment settlements, and improve overall efficiency.

Mandy Kaur (Sales Director) Said Pitching Jigsaw’s Services for the SHED Framework, building on the success of the SHED framework and drawing inspiration from the article highlighting the appointment of 18 innovative suppliers, Jigsaw can position its emergency accommodation solutions as an ideal fit for the framework’s objectives. Here’s how Jigsaw can pitch their services:

 1. Emphasize Innovation: Jigsaw can highlight their utilization of blockchain technology as an innovative solution that aligns with the SHED framework’s objective of procuring cutting-edge services and technologies. By integrating blockchain plugins, Jigsaw offers a forward-thinking approach that addresses the evolving needs of social housing decant solutions.

2. Addressing Challenges: Jigsaw can draw upon the challenges faced by social landlords, as mentioned in the article. They can position their services as a direct response to these challenges, emphasizing how blockchain technology enhances security, transparency, and efficiency while addressing concerns related to global supply chain disruption, skills shortages, and compliance requirements.

3. Collaboration and Support: Jigsaw can showcase their commitment to collaboration and support, mirroring the SHED framework’s collaborative approach. By actively engaging with social landlords and housing providers, Jigsaw can tailor their emergency accommodation solutions to meet the unique needs and requirements of different stakeholders. This collaborative approach fosters innovation and ensures the best possible outcomes for tenants and the wider social housing sector.

Katie Richardson (Operations Director) continues to add that Jigsaw’s introduction of blockchain plugins into their emergency accommodation solutions marks an exciting development in the social housing decant process. Inspired by the SHED framework’s disruptive and innovative approach, Jigsaw leverages blockchain technology to enhance security, transparency, and efficiency in social housing placements. By effectively pitching their services aligned with the SHED framework’s objectives, Jigsaw can position themselves as a pioneering provider of emergency accommodation, catering to the evolving needs of the social housing sector and contributing to improved outcomes for tenants and stakeholders alike.

Amo Singh, the IT Governance Director at Jigsaw, highlights the tremendous potential of blockchain technology in revolutionizing the procurement supply chain. Singh emphasizes that blockchain presents a unique opportunity to combine emerging technologies and optimize the supply chain process while ensuring its security. Leveraging their existing knowledge and experience in research and development, as well as legacy systems, Jigsaw is well-equipped to utilize blockchain for enhanced supply chain management.

Singh envisions a hybrid blockchain solution that balances the need for secure private information and the benefits of public data accessibility. By implementing a hybrid blockchain, Jigsaw aims to create an immutable ledger capable of efficiently tracking and securing spend through metadata and AI-driven processes. This technologically advanced approach not only ensures data integrity but also enhances transparency and accountability within the procurement supply chain.

With a strong focus on both technological expertise and business acumen, Jigsaw is poised to position themselves as leaders in the application of blockchain technology for social housing decant solutions. By combining the capabilities of blockchain with their emergency accommodation services, Jigsaw is well-positioned to offer social landlords and housing providers an innovative, secure, and efficient solution that aligns perfectly with the disruptive nature of the SHED framework.

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