Intro to BitLend: The World Biggest Distributed Network Powered by BTT

What is Bitlend?

BitLend is a new lending and borrowing protocol native to the BitTorrent chain. It has gained the attention of crypto experts, influencers and communities, and continues to do so due to its remarkable features and qualities. Bitlend is more than your average DeFi application and offers more opportunities for growth.

Bitlend unites the most powerful aspects of respected DeFi protocols and stands for the ecosystem’s strongest values. Besides implementing credibility, security, affordability and transparency, it expands financial freedom for its users.

Bitlend is eager to foster innovation. Not only will it be the first lending and borrowing protocol to launch on BTTC – it will support multiple coins and feature its own governance token that will incorporate the ve-mechanism. Ve tokenomics will provide BitLend with economic strength and project longevity, rewarding our dedicated community members.

Regardless of background and experience, our members will be able to significantly boost their capacities and achieve higher goals. Bitlend is focused on building a friendly and supportive community, developing a better understanding of DeFi and creating a unique team spirit.

Why Did We Choose BitTorrent?

BitTorrent was originally invented as a decentralized file-sharing service and its network gradually reached an outstanding scale of 90 million active users. In late 2021, BitTorrent announced a coin swap and the launch of BTTC. The decision to transition to a smart-contract platform made BitTorrent the largest network in the crypto ecosystem.

Inspired and determined, the Bitlend team decided to launch on BTTC due to various opportunities it presented. First, the features of BTTC are something that everyone needs: extremely fast block confirmation times, high scalability, and transaction fees that average less than $.01. Indeed, the fast speed and affordability of BTTC is an easy solution and a true blessing for users, many of whom are constrained by expensive chains like Ethereum. What’s more, BTTC supports smart contracts and is EVM-compatible. However, the most unique and important aspect of BTTC is its interoperability between TRON / BSC and Ethereum chains. It facilitates the seamless transfer of assets from one chain to another and is referred to as the “chain connecting all chains”.

The Team Behind Bittlend

The Bitlend team consists of 6 experienced professionals who are enthusiastic about changing the industry for the better.

The head of the group is 0xFulcanelli – an expert in Business development with the experience required to wisely plan the main stages of the project and guide other members.

Mercury Prime is the one who manages the budget of Bitlend and is in charge of Business development, assisting the leader of the team.

As the chief technical officer, 0xAeolus knows everything about the tech side of the project and ensures its security.

Decameron creates the marketing strategy and makes sure Bitlend maintains a high level of growth and visibility.

ChiaraSealli is a content marketing specialist that contributes ideas on how to make Bitlend content both useful and interactive.

Dante manages the community, ensuring everyone enjoys their Bitlend experience, gains new knowledge and skills, and exchanges successful experiences with other members.

Security of Bitlend

With Bitlend users don’t have to worry about the safety of your assets, allowing them to focus on their goals. Bitlend regularly seeks new ways to reach the maximum level of reliability and easily deal with any possible challenges.

Since our priority has always been security and credibility, Bitlend collaborates with several progressive blockchain audit companies. Peckshield and Oxorio are the ones we rely on.

Peckshield is a team of experts in the field with dozens of years of experience, and various notable achievements in the area of vulnerability analysis, operating systems, and malware defense.

The Oxorio team consists of open-minded and ambitious hackathon geeks that believe in the power of decentralization and have expertise in Blockchain and Smart contacts development. They are also experts in Infrastructure and Rust.

Bitlend is happy with the successful completion of the initial smart contract audits by PeckShield and Oxorio and looks forward to implementing ongoing security measures.

The Importance of a Killer UX

UX stands for user experience and outlines such aspects as the landing page and website, the product itself, the service and the community. In other words, UX is everything that our customer encounters.

The importance of having an impeccable UX for Bitlend is boundless since it is beneficial for everyone involved and defines our future results.

The primary task for projects like Bitlend is to create the proper environment for growth and ensure the best conditions for its users. Maintaining a smooth UX is critical in ensuring user satisfaction, to retain our loyal userbase and build community. Our goal is to create the best possible UX and work on its design and strategies. We are committed to providing our users with top-quality service and exceeding the highest expectations.

To stay up to date and get the latest updates on BitLend, check out the following links:

Website | Twitter | Telegram


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