IamFuture changes the narratives of crypto volatility by using its exclusive features through forecasting and develops the Metarollers rollerskating Metaverse.

IamFuture is a newly launched crypto platform. Recently, the digital development team took the first step in risk reduction for crypto investors. IamFuture is also set to launch the sensational roller staking activities to Metaverse with Metarollers.

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands The, 9th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, IamFuture is a newly established crypto platform that offers strategic solutions, marketing consultancy, transparency and interoperability, and decentralization through connection. IamFuture believes that the idea of transferring hobbies to the metaverse has unbeatable potential. 

In the recent development, the team behind the IamFuture has announced the launch of Metarollers; the game is planned to be released by 30/08/2022 on mobile devices, followed by PC and web browsers. The game is intended to be accessible and playable worldwide on public release.

MetaRollers by IamFuture

Upon realizing the era’s need, the opportunity to perform professional rollerskating online recently was developed by the IamFuture digital team in their “Metarollers” ecosystem as the first-ever tribute to the global rollerskating community and to artistic rollerskating as a culture, hobby, way of life, and world perception. Entering the bright and always awakened world of Metarollers, players skate through the colorful cityscapes worldwide, dodge obstacles, collect artifacts and perform tricks in a flashy goofy manner. 

Metarollers, a skill-based and creativity-based game for mobile platforms, aim to be the perform-2-earn 2D game connecting gamers worldwide to a single ecosystem, where they can utilize the platform as a significant opportunity for socializing, meeting celebrities, doing tricks, having fun, interacting, and performing commercial activity for players. 

Metarollers aim to construct a comprehensive ecosystem around the Future Token (FRED) on the Ethereum chain. Future Token (FRED) is the utility token used for in-game purchases and for minting NFTs.  It connects various components in the digital ecosystem IamFuture. Moreover, it also serves as a tool for decision-making within the IamFuture environment; the Future Token (FRED) will be the governance token that aims to shape the ecosystem and game’s future. The token launch date is 30.08.2022. The initial price is 0.01 USD, market cap 100.000.000. No more tokens will be emitted.

The Metarollers ecosystem was entirely inspired by the self-made female entrepreneur and rollerskater Ms. Maya Bernaia and is being realized in partnership with the indie game studio. The artifacts and mysterious discoveries within the ecosystem can be used to get additional income pleasantly and creatively. The Metarollers environment provides a unique opportunity for meeting celebrities, performing tricks, discovering mysterious and new items, and presentational and commercial activities.

Currently, IamFuture Global Team, the producer of Metarollers, provides the opportunity to invest and participate in the further development of the game and its community. IamFuture facilitates its clients and users in various aspects such as strategy and development marketing, two-way connection crypto-fiat, NFT and Metaverse strategy, and decentralized finance consultancy. Crypto represents an attractive investment vehicle, one of the most speculative and volatile assets, with a specific dose of sensitivity and emotional guesswork drivers.

Additionally, IamFuture takes a courageous and solid attempt to minimize crypto market investment risks through forecasting and recommendation strategy. It has been developed by the IamFuture team founded and led by Ms. Maya Bernaia, a female entrepreneur of Ukrainian origin, by machine-learning and two-dimensional data analytics.

The uniqueness of the approach is based on the combination of AI participation in forecasting model building and statistical methods implementation for a specific part of the project. The concept of a unique intuitive recommendation system fully covers: 

  • Insights on the short-term cryptocurrency price dynamic.
  • Real-time recommendations on the future values for the price.
  • An organized approach to crypto data.
  • Various investment types profiles compatibility; 
  • Possible investment decision facilitation. 

The project is offered to the market with the promise to reduce stress and extend vision for the crypto traders, who have been disappointed multiple times recently. In her public speeches, Ms. Maya Bernaia repeatedly stated that only a future-oriented mind could be successful. The essential feature of a true entrepreneur is future vision and the ability to foresee. IamFuture, the digital holding associated with Ms. Bernaia, is significantly exposed to forecasting and strategic future-oriented projects worldwide.

Intending users and Metaverse enthusiasts must follow the below-given link to stay updated about the project:


Media Contact

Media Contact: Prime Future BV, Trade Name: IamFuture

Contact Person: Maya Bernaia

Email: Send Email

Phone: +31 6 25 16 06 19

State: North Holland

City: Amsterdam

Country: Netherlands The

Website: https://www.iamfuture.life

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