How Will the Launch of DBX Ecosystem Change the Security Standards of the Crypto Industry?

Antalya, Turkey 2 July 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Confidential, secure, reliable – this is how cryptocurrencies have been described since they appeared in the worldwide community. Sounds great, however, wherever coins clink, controlling organizations, hackers, and authorities appear. It should, as hackers have stolen cryptocurrencies worth the amount of 12.8 billion US dollars.

Confidentiality, anonymity, speed, and eco-friendliness are the principles followed AND implemented by DBX. These principles not only unite the business, consumer, and the crypto industry, but also create an absolutely safe digital space with 100%  guarantee of confidentiality.

The relevance of implementing DBX developments

DBX provides energy-efficient and fast transactions, so that the whole infrastructure corresponds to the needs of modern consumers.

Main DBX services:

– АТМ service;

– crypto banking;

– marketplace;

– instruments for dealing with investments;

– B2B, C2C, B2C segment operations;

– entertainment and  media ecosystem;

– neural network for processing  BigData and an open access to information.

Even if the market falls, the diminution of such asset will be much less possible than that of hype projects.

DBX Solutions

History proves that anonymity is very important for users. Crypto assets are now truly powerful financial instruments, and a total control over business transfers makes transactions and operations difficult.

Speed – transactions are confirmed within 10 seconds. This speed can be compared to the steam locomotives of the 20th century, and, for example, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport.

End users can receive and send transfers faster and give open access to assets.

The anonymity of the DBX ecosystem surpasses the pseudo-anonymity of the blockchain due to additional security algorithms. This approach hides the traits of transactions and guarantees security against attacks or breaches of confidentiality.

Security- the DBX ecosystem is built based on a few algorithms of the blockchain. Proof-of-Stake Consensus guarantees authenticity of all peer-to-peer trasbactions and confirms the validity until the moment of calculation. The Quark Algorithm in the ecosystem completely protects against cyber attacks.

Plans and Projects of DBX

BitForex listing resulted by IEO is planned from 01 to 10 September.

Before that the platform launches airdrop and a few Pre-sale rounds:

11-20 July – Starfall 1 (Airdrop)

21-30 July – PRE-SALE Round 1

01-10 August – STARFALL 2 (Airdrop)

11-20 August – PRE-SALE Round 2

21-30 August – STARFALL 3 (Airdrop)

01-10 September – IEO Bitforex


DBX crypto banking will enable to transfer funds within and outside the ecosystem both for users, and the business with the ATM network in 18 stock capitals for interaction of 2 flagship products: crypto bank and investment fund.

The investment fund will deploy venture projects of the future on the basis of the DBX blockchain, as well as fully operational work with the capital of the crypto asset. Such instruments as diversification between assets of the digital and physical worlds will be available to app users in the future.

Increased attractiveness is due to the app of the ecosystem for trading cannabis for DBX tokens in the countries where it is legal. This enables to take out funds from the circulation of the darknet, which will surely have a positive impact on the market of cannabis and cannabinoid products.


The new generation Zdbx ( improved Zerocoin protocol) and QARK algorithms of security and confidentiality, as well as the ERC-20 protocol are integrated into the DBX ecosystem to meet the wildest needs of users: investors, business, consumers, as well as creating optimal conditions for developing a safe ecosystem of the new generation

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