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Boca Raton, Florida, 25th February 2021, ZEXPRWIRE Experts predict the national average of gasoline and diesel fuel will reach or surpass $3.00 per gallon in the next few weeks/months. Everyone has heard our leaders say stop Fossil Fuels.  

Automobile and Truck owners can take action utilizing the proven technology of electrolysis. Over the last 15 years the ECO Fuel System a Guaranteed solution has shown to make fuel burn cleaner and more efficiently. No Chemicals, No maintenance and no Warranty issues.

A cleaner burning fuel produces less Carbon Dioxide and Particulates that clog a diesel motor. Gasoline motors show increased power, fuel savings and increased sustainability. Vehicles that use the ECO Fuel System can reduce Carbon Pollution 40% to over 70%.

Why do County Governments refuse to take action? In South Florida a select Democratic led County to be named later, has been testing the ECO Fuel System for over 4 years never imagining it would work. The County on 10 ECO Filters has reduced downtime and has saved thousands of dollars per year. The County Commissioners and Mayor, influenced by their Fleet Professionals selectively stated that unless a product is manufactured approved it cannot be used. They are aware that Homeland Security, NASA and the US Army as well as hundreds of School Districts have been successfully using the system for over 10 years. 

Products like batteries, brakes, windshields, hoses, tires and filters to name a few that are not Manufacture approved aftermarket products are purchased regularly by these same counties. The ECO System is CARB approved and will not affect any emission systems or affect any warranties. The County Commissioners and Mayor have  stated they are in favor of reducing Carbon Pollution, but refuse to implement a product proven by their own tests to reduce Carbon Pollution/Particulates (40%-70%+). Their refusal to act has cost their County a million dollars or more annually and tons or Carbon released into the air. On their 10 Transit Buses the ROI was less than 20 days.    

For personal or financial reasons, Politicians and Municipal Leaders intentionally neglect to take action to help reduce Pollution and save Taxpayers money for the benefit of manufactures and their donations. Is money more important than the future well being of our children? Untold millions if not Billions of Dollars have been spent and wasted on research and studies. Example: Medicare paid 35 million dollars to 118 medical clinics in the USA that do not exist. Where did the money go? 

Electric vehicles are not bad; they have limits and are not readily available for commercial needs. Can Electric cars and Trucks travel more than 300 miles without needing to stop and be recharged? How long does a recharge take? What happens if electricity becomes unavailable? Example: California during the wildfires or recently in Texas with the inclement weather had no electricity; it was blamed on Global Warming. Why do our Political leaders refuse to take action against Climate Change by using today’s existing proven technologies that pay for themselves? Studies are costly and may take years to complete, can we afford to wait. “The Time to Take Action is NOW” B. Obama. 

Our leaders love expensive studies and we the Taxpayers pay for it. Wouldn’t a planned step by step process be best? Let your political leaders, Congressmen and Senators know how you feel.

A proven tested and guaranteed opportunity for those who want to reduce their operating expenses on their vehicles while reducing Carbon Pollution is available today. Government agencies and municipalities who have been using the ECO Fuel System are proof that it works. A LTL or Garbage Truck can reduce expenses +/-$5,000/yr.; a Municipal Transit Bus can reduce expenses $3,000+/yr. all for a low onetime expense of +/-$395 that can last 20+ years.
Take action today! If you want to reduce fuel consumption and operating expenses go online ECOIFuelMax and see who uses it, test results and reviews. To do a No Risk Test email or call and speak with a human. GO GREEN Burn Clean!

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