FHUD 1.5: The Most Valuable Stablecoin This Year

New York, NY, 11 Feb 2022, PROLEO,  FantOHM is proving itself as the premiere DAO asset on Fantom Opera through its most recent release: FHUD 1.5. FHUD will soon expand to cover all networks where the FHM protocol touches (or will touch) and now is the perfect time to be an early adopter. FHUD enables the vision of FantOHM DAO in ways that will produce wealth at every level of investment through successful treasury management.

FHUD’s inaugural public opportunities include two bonds which serve to use DAI or FHM, two fully decentralized assets, to regulate the peg of FHUD through the injection or pass-through of liquidity. As these bonds are meant for active maintenance of FHUD’s peg to $1 USD, they will be offered during the appropriate conditions: FHUD must first depeg to the upside or downside. In following the logical process, there have been considerations taken to maintain the stability of our ecosystem as these new investment opportunities go live.

When FHUD depegs to the downside, falling below $1 in value, a bond will be offered which allows a FHUD holder to bond for FHM at an advantageous rate. The dollar amount of these bonds will be finite, as only a certain amount will be available on a rolling 24 hour period. By incentivizing the inflation of FHM through FHUD bonding, the investor strengthens the FantOHM DAO treasury by locking more value into FHUD in exchange for a stronger governance position in the future. This not only holds a monetary value through the rewards generated from FHM investments, but makes the benefiting investor more capable of voicing their opinions on future governance initiatives.

When FHUD depegs to the upside, rising above $1 in value, a bond will be offered which allows investors to purchase FHUD at a $1 per FHUD valuation instantly. The DAI goes to the treasury of the DAO and the investor gets FHUD. The FHUD purchased may be swapped for other stables or assets on Beethoven-x at the convenience of the investor.

These developments have been in keeping with our bespoke nature as an ecosystem. For access to our FHUD audits, see the Techrate and Spadetech links posted in our documents on your way to Beethoven-X to grab your first bag!

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