Fantasy Arena Metaverse a futuristic approach on blockchain lifestyle

Andorra La Vella, Andorra, 17th Oct 2022 – The past few years have seen a massive amount of growth in the video game industry. Fueled by a record number of players looking to pass time during pandemic lockdowns, the trend shows no sign of stopping with the industry expect to exceed $300 billion in revenue worldwide. A great example of the next-generation social game fueling this growth is Fantasy Arena.

With this growth comes a surge of demand for virtual worlds with connected communities and increasingly complex economies for players to buy and sell their virtual items in their favorite games. With Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s redefining ownership in the digital world, we’ve seen a resurgence of collection-based games and sites generating the same excitement as baseball cards in the 50s or Pokemon Cards in the 90s.

While games have their own economic systems and virtual currencies for years, exchanging items or in-game currency for real money has traditionally been expressly forbidden in most games. Selling accounts, products, items, etc. for real money usually comes with a ban and confiscation of the items in question.

Fantasy Arena Metaverse is a gaming and social platform built in Unity and supported by Binance Smart Chain. The Fantasy Arena virtual world allows users to buy lands, customize them, monetize them, and explore with endless possibilities for adventures and experiences.

One of the innovations incorporated into the Fantasy Arena Metaverse is called ”Fluid NFT”. A revolutionary system allowing the owners changes to be reflected on the blockchain as opposed to the game’s server. This creates unlimited opportunity for the game’s citizens to find new ways to use, enhance, and trade their virtual items and land.

Fantasy Arena Metaverse is not only a virtual world, but it is also an interactive and interconnectable platform, offering within it several play-to-earn games (headlined by the Fantasy Arena collectible card game), third party services (like staking platforms, launchpad for cryptocurrencies, etc) and the opportunity to set up, advertise or offer your own business within the Fantasy Arena Metaverse.

The Fantasy Arena economic system is powered by the FAM token you can buy, sell and ultimately trade with the products and services offered within Fantasy Arena Metaverse. The amount of land available in Fantasy Arena Metaverse is intentionally scarce, so it is expected that as the mass adoption and use of blockchain technology progresses, these lands will increase in price and revalue over time, allowing players to receive returns that would simply not be possible with physical real estate investing.

One of the many concerns people have today is data privacy and security. Most of the services used collect sensitive user information and then sell it for advertising purposes. Fantasy Arena Metaverse keeps user data secure this, since to use its services it only requires a web browser This way you will be able to connect to Fantasy Arena Metaverse via Web3 and your connection will be totally anonymous. 

As part of the security and privacy Fantasy Arena Metaverse has its own NFTs and Marketplace. Fantasy Arena Metaverse NFTs and blockchain technology allow users to prove ownership and cannot be counterfeited.

In summary, the Fantasy Arena Metaverse offers:

– Interconnectable virtual world

– Possibility to obtain properties within it , customize and monetize them.

– Uses Blockchain technology to connect the physical and virtual economy in a decentralized way.

– Uses Web3 technology to provide security and privacy to users

– Uses NFT technology to prove user ownership and prevent counterfeiting – Acts as a service provider, hosting various mini-games and third-party services within it



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