Fan engagement platform and monetizing solutions on Blocksport

Zug, Switzerland, 9th May 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Sports entities face challenges in engaging fans today, as social media and mobile technology offer more choices. Innovative sports fan engagement is necessary to create a personalized experience. The Blocksport fan engagement platform creates a win-win situation for both sports entities and fans through a fan app with incentives and rewards to grab fan attention.

Worldwide Fan Engagement Platform  for Sport Clubs and fans

Sports fan engagement challenges in 2023 and beyond

  • Sports clubs face challenges in engaging fans in today’s world where there are ever-increasing options for entertainment, opportunities for fans and content consumption.
  • Personalization is crucial as fans expect customized content and experiences that cater to their specific interests.
  • The growing number of social media platforms and content creators is leading to increased competition for the fan’s attention.
  • Sports entities must cater to a wide range of fan demographics, including age, gender, location, and cultural background for sport events.
  • Streamlining the ticketing and attendance process and providing a positive experience for fans is essential for sports clubs.
  • Balancing the needs of sponsors and advertisers with the desires of fans can be a challenging task for sports clubs and fan engagement.
  • Sports entities must comply with strict data privacy regulations while still collecting and analyzing fan data to improve engagement and marketing strategies.
  • With the rapid pace of technological advancements, sports clubs must stay up to date with the latest trends and technologies to keep fans engaged.
  • Building and maintaining fan loyalty is crucial to the long-term success of sports entities.
  • Providing a positive fan experience is essential for sports clubs, as fans who have a good experience are more likely to return and recommend the team to others.

Fan engagement comprehensive solutions

The Blocksport fan engagement platform is suitable for football, basketball, rugby, handball, volleyball, ice hockey clubs, and other sports organizations in Europe and other regions with developed professional sports. It provides a great tool on how to monetize fan bases for marketing managers, directors, and business executives in sports clubs to engage fans, monetize their fan base, and enhance the overall fan experience.

Fan App and App Analytics

The fan app by Blocksport is a versatile white-label solution designed to provide full functionality to sports clubs and teams. It offers a range of features such as a store, ticketing, profile, news feed, streaming, and unique gamification built on blockchain technology. Fan apps provide a seamless fan experience and offer clubs and teams the opportunity to engage with their fans in a new and exciting way.

Fan engagement CRM with Custom infrastructure

In addition to its fan app, Blocksport offers custom infrastructure services, such as Sports CRM. This solution enables sports clubs and teams to manage customer relationships effectively, allowing them to personalize communication and tailor offers to their fans’ interests. Blocksport’s Sports CRM helps teams build stronger relationships with their fan base, ultimately leading to increased fan loyalty and revenue.

Social media, Video Highlights and Streaming

Blocksport provides seamless integration of social media login and feeds, allowing sports clubs and teams to reach a wider audience and engage with fans on a more personal level. With different options for highlights and live streaming integration, Blocksport enables sports clubs to monetize on streaming sports events through sponsorships, advertising, and pay-per-view models, creating new revenue streams for their business.

Ecommerce & OTP

Blocksport’s integration of OTP and E-commerce provides a secure and user-friendly experience for sports fans. It enables sport event promotions for clubs while maintaining data security through one-time password verification. This solution also allows for seamless ticket purchases and merchandise sales, making it easier for fans to support their favorite teams and enjoy a more immersive sporting experience.

Betting solutions and Push Notifications

Blocksport offers betting solutions for sports clubs, enabling the integration of betting partners and the promotion of events and activities within the fan app through push notifications. This solution provides a seamless betting experience for fans, while also creating new revenue streams for sports clubs and teams through affiliate marketing and sponsorships.


Blocksport’s ticketing services enable sports clubs and teams to integrate existing ticketing solutions or use their own ticketing system within the fan app. This solution simplifies the ticket purchase process for fans while providing a streamlined ticketing management system for sports clubs and teams, ensuring a seamless experience for all parties involved.

Cashback & Cashless services

Blocksport offers cashback and cashless services to sports clubs and teams through its fan app. This solution enables fans to make purchases using a cashless payment system and earn cashback rewards for their loyalty. Blocksport’s cashback solutions help sports clubs and teams build stronger relationships with their fan base while also creating new revenue streams for their business.

Fan engagement software solutions 

Blocksport’s fan engagement software solutions provide sports clubs and teams with fan engagement technology designed to foster a deeper connection with their fans. This technology enables clubs to offer personalized experiences, exclusive content, and gamification features to their fans, resulting in increased engagement and loyalty. Blocksport’s fan engagement software helps sports clubs and teams build a strong fan base and drive revenue through enhanced fan experiences.

Fan tokens, NFT and Cryptogateways

Blocksport’s fan tokens, Sport NFTs, and crypto gateways provide a unique and innovative way for sports clubs and teams to engage with their fans. Fan tokens allow fans to purchase and own a share of the club or team, while Sport NFTs offer a collectible element to fan engagement. The integration of crypto gateways enables sports clubs and teams to accept cryptocurrency payments and provide a more seamless experience for fans. Blocksport’s NFT fan engagement solutions offer a new way for clubs and teams to interact with their fans and create new revenue streams.

Digital Membership, Consulting

Blocksport offers fan digital membership and consulting services to sports clubs and teams, providing digital community engagement solutions to foster a deeper connection between the club and its fans. Fan digital membership offers exclusive content, rewards, and personalized experiences to members, while consulting services provide sports clubs and teams with the guidance needed to build a strong digital community engagement strategy. Blocksport’s digital membership and consulting services help sports clubs and teams cultivate a loyal fan base and drive revenue through enhanced fan experiences.

Fan base monetizing opportunities

Blocksport’s fan engagement ideas provide sports clubs and teams with the opportunity to monetize their fan base and increase their digital revenue by up to 3x within one year. These ideas include sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and in-app purchases, among others. Blocksport’s fan engagement strategies help sports clubs and teams create new revenue streams, while also providing a more engaging and personalized experience for their fans, ultimately driving fan loyalty and increased revenue.

Countries 10+, Europe & Africa
Partners 25+ Sport clubs
Revenue 1 000 000€ In average
Experience 5+ years


What is fan engagement?

Fan engagement refers to the interaction and connection between sports clubs and teams with their fans, fostering a deeper sense of loyalty and creating new revenue streams.

How to increase fan engagement?

Increasing fan engagement can be achieved through personalized experiences, exclusive content, gamification, and social media integration, as well as creating a sense of community and promoting fan participation.

Why is fan engagement important?

Fan engagement is crucial for sports teams and clubs as it builds loyalty and strengthens relationships with fans, leading to increased revenue and a more sustainable business model.

How to monetize fan base?

Sports clubs and teams can monetize their fan base through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, in-app purchases, merchandise sales, ticketing, and offering exclusive content and experiences.


The Blocksport fan engagement platform offers sports entities and teams innovative solutions to engage and monetize their fan base through a dedicated app with incentives and rewards. In an increasingly competitive landscape, Blocksport’s range of services, including fan app and app analytics, fan engagement CRM, social media integration, betting solutions, ticketing, and cashback and cashless services, provide a seamless fan experience and enable sports clubs and teams to personalize communication and tailor offers to their fans’ interests. Blocksport’s fan engagement solutions help teams build stronger relationships with their fan base, leading to increased fan loyalty and revenue.

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