Cybersecurity Startup Timus Networks Offers Solutions for the Modern Workplace

Timus Networks, which recently launched its operations with the motto of ‘Your Business’s Immune System,’ offers a platform designed to meet the network security needs of the modern workplace, thanks to its cutting-edge ZTNA and SASE technologies

Amid mounting concerns about cybersecurity due to today’s increased reliance on remote work, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions provide an innovative approach to corporate security needs. Boston-based Timus Networks can help businesses achieve more efficient workflows by securely connecting employees, devices and applications wherever they are.

“Working remotely and using cloud applications has become the new normal in the post-pandemic era,” Chris Perry, Timus Networks Channel Sales Manager, says. “It’s worth noting, however, that this new way of working has given rise to novel cyber threats.” According to Perry, attack surfaces are becoming larger while the effectiveness of conventional VPN solutions is waning. “This is where the ZTNA concept comes in. It is based on the ‘never trust, always verify’ principle.”

ZTNA adds an extra layer of security to your network connections, thus ensuring that only trusted users and devices can gain access. During the verification process, key data is used – such as the device, connection time and location – along with standard controls such as usernames, passwords and single-use codes.

3 of 5 businesses will adopt ZTNA by 2023

According to Gartner, 60% of all companies will transition from VPN to ZTNA by the end of next year. Timus is a cloud-based platform that reduces reliance on expensive hardware-based cybersecurity technologies. It automates operations and allows enterprises to manage their network security settings through a single interface. Timus Intelligent Insight Engine, meanwhile, provides comprehensive access logs, threat analytics, and identity-based insights.

It’s no secret that decentralizing business processes has rendered traditional security methods much less effective. According to Perry, Timus lets businesses manage their networks easily and efficiently from virtually anywhere. Timus solutions feature cloud-based SASE architecture specifically designed to meet the network security needs of the 21st-century workplace. They also include cybersecurity components, such as Dynamic Firewall, AI-powered Secure Web Gateway, Malware Protection and Intrusion Prevention System.

SMEs are vulnerable to cyber threats

A growing number of US businesses, including SMEs, now face the threat of ransomware and phishing. Cyber-attackers typically target smaller businesses that fail to prioritize cybersecurity. According to Advisor Smith, nearly half of all small businesses (41.8%) suffered cyberattacks in 2021, while 30% of all SMEs lack adequate data security. Timus helps businesses manage their remote access processes, cloud connectivity and threat prevention from a single platform, effectively doing away with the need for hardware and software licenses. To put it simply, Timus helps businesses boost their immune security system.

“Built on the latest cloud and AI technologies, Timus provides a superior user experience than traditional hardware-based solutions. We aim to have the best business partner and service ecosystem for our customers.” Perry says.


Chris Perry, Channel Sales Manager
[email protected]
+1 (857) 867-0854

Source : eTrendy Stock


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