Collect-A-Ball NFT: The NFT with a Bright Future

NY, US, 4th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, With so many possibilities for what you can do with Collect-A-Ball NFT, don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new NFT! Buy now and be prepared for a bright future ahead! You will never regret buying Collect-A-Ball NFT.

Why you should purchase in Collect-A-Ball NFT

Collect-A-Ball NFT is home to the 10,000 randomly generated, non-fungible token ( NFTs), humanoid trainer balls with rarities that allow you access to a community of collectors! Each ball is completely unique and minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain. Collect-A-Ball NFT is the perfect NFT for the future. Collect-A-Ball NFT will have access to a community of collectors. The ball is completely unique and minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain. Our collection will be listed on the OpenSea marketplace and will be verified. These are a few major features and benefits that make you purchase in Collet-A-Ball NFTs.

Grand Giveaways to Collect-A-Ball NFTs Holders

Collect-A-Ball NFTs have planed many wonderful giveaways for their holders. Collect-A-Ball planed four giveaways till the completion of the first roadmap more giveaways will be planed with the announcement of the next roadmap. The details of giveaways are mentioned below.

Giveaway 1:

1 Etherium, 1 PS5, and 1 iPhone 13 after the sale of 10% Collect-A-Ball NFTs will be distributed randomly select holders live.

Giveaway 2:

15 Collect-A-Ball NFTs will be given away after 25% sale to randomly selected holders via the newly activated community wallet for all giveaways and future utility for the community.

Giveaway 3:

$20k will be given away as a donation to St. Jude Children Research Hospital and a $5k donation to Sunny Patel’s “ Pokemon Foundation” after the completion of a 50% sale.

Giveaway 4:

PSA 10 Base Unlimited Charizard or 5 Etherium will be given away to one randomly selected Collect-A-Ball lucky holder.

Benefits of owning Collect-A-Ball NFTs

Owning a Collect-A-Ball gives you an immense advantage and exclusive access to a premium selection of holder-only benefits inside both the digital and real-world including FREE access to all Collect-A-Con events in 2022, access to private streams with top sellers or Drip Shop Live, Access to TCG, sports and NFT shows that Drip Shop Live sponsors, and exclusive access to any new features on the platform, i.e. live stream NFT selling, crypto purchasing and NFT gaming. You will have total creative and commercial rights usage of your Collect-A-Ball for as long as you keep the NFT in your wallet. Feel free to create your own art derivatives as well as fashion.

Collect-A-Ball NFTs will be Limited

Only 10,000 Collect-A-Ball NFTs exist. NFTs are blockchain assets that are not subject to the same supply and demand dynamics as traditional commodities or currencies. NFTs have a fixed number of units that will ever be in circulation, which is what gives them their intrinsic value. this is because the rarity of NFTs is what makes them valuable, and the more scarce they are, the more valuable they become. this is in contrast to traditional commodities and currencies, which can be reproduced at will, thereby devaluing their worth. That is why NFTs are unique digital assets that can only be held by a single user at any given time. traditional commodities like gold have a limited supply because it’s difficult to find new gold and demand for gold is increasing day by day which increases the value of gold high. Like this Collect-A-Ball have a limited supply will have many uses in the future which will make it more valuable.

Details about Collect-A-Ball NFTs presale and public sale!

Details about Collect-A-Ball NFTs are given below . when will be presale start and when will be public sale open and where or on which plate form will be Collect-A-Ball NFTs launch?

When can I mint a Collect-A-Ball NFT, and how much will it cost?

If you are whitelisted, you will be able to mint a Collect-A-Ball NFT during our presale starting January 6th, 2022. If you would like to join our whitelist please visit our Discord. If you are not whitelisted, you will be able to mint starting on January 7th, 2022. The price for a Collect-A-Ball NFT will be .08 ETH plus gas fees.

How do I Reserve a Collect-A-Ball before they are all Minted out?

Our Whitelist is now open and is limited to the first eligible 1,000 people on a first-come, first-serve basis. Be sure to make sure you sign up by applying on our Discord for exclusive details and reserved access to mint Collect-A-Ball NFTs! The Whitelisted folks will be able to mint up to 5 Collect-A-Ball NFTs.

Will Collect-A-Ball NFTs be available on OpenSea?

OpenSea is the biggest and original marketplace for NFTs, Our collection will be listed on the OpenSea marketplace and will be verified.

How are Collect-A-Ball NFTs will be Distributed?

Fair Distribution. There are no bonding curves here. Buying a Collect-A-Ball will cost 0.08 ETH plus gas fees. There are no price tiers; Collect-A-Ball entry costs the same for everyone.

What are you waiting for?

If you are looking for a unique and profitable NFT, look no further than Collect-A-Ball NFT! This exciting new digital asset offers holders a chance to be at the forefront of the latest technology and see their money grow. With so many possibilities for what you can do with Collect-A-Ball NFT, don’t miss your chance to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new NFT! Buy now and be prepared for a bright future ahead!. if you are interested contact us through our website or discord.

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