Canada Visa For Bulgaria, Mexican, Israel And South Korean Citizens


All Bulgarian citizens traveling to Canada for a short period of time must obtain a Canadian eTA visa. Other modes of transportation require a separate travel authorization. In 2015, the Canadian government introduced an online visa exemption service for eligible countries. Citizens of Bulgaria can visit Canada for tourism, business, or transit without requiring a visa. This only pertains to international flights arriving in Canada. Bulgarian citizens are allowed to travel to Canada if they acquire a Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). The Canadian eTA is an electronic travel authorization valid for five years, enabling Bulgarians to make multiple visits to Canada with each stay not exceeding six months. The eTA is digitally connected to the passports of Bulgarian visitors and cannot be moved to a different travel document. This means that if a passport with an approved eTA expires before 5 years, your travel authorization will also expire. Bulgarians who confirm that they meet the requirements can start the Canadian eTA application process online. The application form is a simple questionnaire that takes less than 30 minutes to complete.


  • Valid Passport: Your travel document must be valid for six months from your arrival on Canadian territory.
  • Email address: Please make sure you have access to the email address you provided, as all the information we have about your ETA will be communicated to you through this email.
  • Payment Methods: You can use a credit or debit cards, but you can also use PayPal account to pay for the eTA fees.


According to Canadian visa rules, Mexican citizens wanting to travel to Canada by air need to acquire a Canadian eTA. The eTA system was implemented by the Canadian government in 2015 for visitors from more than 50 nations, which includes Mexico. Residents from these nations can enter Canada without needing a regular visa as long as they possess a valid passport from one of these countries. Mexican citizens are required to get an electronic travel authorization (eTA) in order to travel to Canada. Citizens from countries like Mexico, who are visa-exempt, are able to submit their visa applications for traveling to Canada through an online platform. The eTA for Mexican citizens allows for stays of up to 6 months and is suitable for purposes such as transiting through Canada, holidaying, and taking part in business activities, like attending meetings. The Canadian eTA is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of issue or until the traveler’s Mexican passport expires (whichever comes first). This means that visitors to Mexico do not have to reapply every year, as is the case with traditional visas. Mexican citizens can enter and exit Canada as many times as they wish as long as they do so within the validity period of their eTA. Applicants do not need to visit the nearest Canadian embassy, submit documents, or attend an in-person interview. Everything is done online, and it takes most applicants about 15 minutes to complete the application.

Documents required for the Canada Visa

  • A valid Mexico-issued passport
  • A current email address to receive notifications and confirmation of the Canadian eTA
  • A valid form of payment (credit card or debit card) to pay for the eTA fees.
  • A device with internet access, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in order to fill out and submit their application.


Every year, Canada attracts thousands of travelers and tourists from around the globe who come to visit friends and family or appreciate the country’s natural beauty. The Canadian government introduced an easy and fast online application system for an Electronic Travel Authorization or Canada Visa, making it simpler than ever to visit Canada. In Canada, there are two options for visas: single-entry and multiple entry. With a basic visa application called the Canada Visit Visa, you are allowed to stay in Canada for a maximum of six months. Although a tourist visa prohibits working in Canada, it does permit traveling within the country for tourism and leisure activities. Foreign nationals with single-entry visas are only permitted one entry into Canada. For the duration of the visa, a multiple-entry visa entitles the holder to make as many entrances and exits as desired. Online, on paper, or in person at the Visa Application Center (VAC), applicants who need a visitor visa to enter Canada can submit their applications.


  • A valid passport with an expiry date that is after six months or more.
  • Minimum 2 recent passport size photos
  • Documents that prove you have enough ties to your home country.
  • Financial statements that prove you have enough funds to support your stay in Canada.
  • A letter of invitation from your relatives if you are planning to stay with them.
  • Medical clearance certificate if you need to undergo a medical exam before your trip.


In 2015, Canada implemented the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system for travelers from over 50 nations, including South Korea. Applying for a Canada electronic travel authorization is restricted to only those who travel by air. The eTA from South Korea is for tourists, business travelers, Canadians going abroad, or people need medical care or counseling. Citizens of South Korea can participate in Canada’s Visa Waiver Program. This means you do not need a visa to travel to Canada. In 2015, Canada’s Immigration Service introduced the eTA for the first time to determine if foreign visitors were eligible to visit Canada and speed up the eTA application process. The Canadian eTA is available to citizens of South Korea. As a replacement for the visa, Canada has introduced the Electronic Travel Authorization (Canadian eTA online). The eTA allows Canadian authorities to pre-screen foreign travelers and makes it easier for South Koreans to enter Canada. Travelers may stay up to 6 months during each trip and may enter Canada multiple times within a 5-year period. The Immigration Service will record the length of stay when the traveler arrives at the border and the expiry date will be written on the passport. The eTA application for South Korean citizens must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to travel to ensure the document is processed and the eTA is issued before you travel.


  • A South Korean passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of travel
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay for the eTA fee.
  • A current email address to receive the eTA in their Inbox.


Whether an Israeli citizen requires a visa for Canada depends on the length and reason for their visit. All Israeli citizens must acquire a visa when visiting Canada for a brief stay. Israeli citizens need to obtain a Canada eTA visa for purposes such as tourism, work, layovers, or medical visits. The Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system was implemented by the Canadian government in 2015 for travelers from more than 50 nations, which also includes Israel. Israeli travelers transiting through Canadian airports to other destinations have the option to make use of the Canadian eTA. Starting in August 2015, anyone traveling to Canada for transit, business, or tourism reasons must have an eTA. Israeli visitors should be aware that the Canadian eTA is electronically connected to the passport used to submit the application. The Canadian eTA is valid for 5 years or until the Israeli citizen’s passport expires. This is a multiple entry visa waiver and can be used for any number of trips within a 5-year period. The maximum duration of each trip is 6 months. Travelers wishing to travel to Canada for other reasons such as study or work should contact the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate for more information. This visa waiver system allows citizens of Israel and some other countries to easily obtain travel authorization without having to visit a Canadian embassy or consulate. The candidate just needs to access the online eTA application form from a mobile device. The application process takes about 15 minutes from start to finish.

Requirements of Canada Visa for Israeli citizens

  • A valid travel document or passport in order to apply for Canada eTA.
  • A valid credit or debit card or PayPal account to pay for the Canada eTA.
  • A valid email address, to receive the Canada eTA in their Inbox.

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